Gypsy Street, Eagle Bay

Spectacular views are abundant in this project, lifting it to the next level. The opportunity to design and construct a landscape to compliment a high-end build by Tallwood Constructions was a brief that the Backyard Creations team thrived on.

The design came about through creating distinct areas, incorporating desired features on the various levels and corners of the site. With a large backyard space available to them, the client wanted the rear designed in a way, that they would not just use it, but frequent it so entertaining space was required. A mature Eucalyptus in the front yard frames the house beautifully so we began by extending a native garden around it.

Inside the front courtyard the landscaping is pared back so that the impact of the creamy, rammed earth walls are on show. Four feature Tuscarora Crepe Myrtle trees, ringed in corten steel, and one large urn, skirted with mondo grass, complete the space. In season the pink bloom will be a striking contrast, contained within the softly textured walls. A private bench allows the clients to enjoy a tranquil landscape view through to the ocean.

Gypsy Street, Eagle Bay

The home cleverly unfolds down the block and a spiral staircase bring ones down through a sunny xeriscape to an inviting level lawn. This area is also accessible sweeping out from the lower rooms. A formal hedge and creeper to cover the railings secure the infinity edge and a pathway leads down to the rest of the garden.

The decomposed granite paths contrast with the clean white walls and tie in the relaxed sleeper features through the lower areas. The fire pit area is created with locally sourced granite, nestled into the bank and takes in the stunning views across tree tops and down to the ocean from another angle. The space includes seating and table so one can settle in for the evening around the open fire.

From here native species soften the scale of build and hide practical elements such a rocky swale for runoff and the water tank. To the side, there is an orchard area. A calm space tucked away to the side of the action, appointed with its own bench seat to take time out and enjoy the fruits while overlooking the Indian Ocean.