Eagle Bay – Meelup Road, Eagle Bay

When you have owned a property for 20 years, you need someone to share the same passion and vision for the space as you do before making major changes to the garden. We were able to deliver exactly what was required for this home with our hardworking team – re-establishing the privacy, attracting the wildlife and creating a modern but natural retreat.

We chose plants very carefully for this garden, which create flowers year-round and encourage birds and other wildlife. Pairing this with modern materials like Corten gates and steppers, dry stone granite and Modwood, has created beautiful shapes and optimum privacy.

Eagle Bay – Meelup Road, Eagle Bay

Corten steppers with decomposed granite treads, playfully lead you through the front garden and up to the entrance. Modwood decking sweeps across the front of the house and gives access to the backyard.

The entertaining area’s primary feature is a raised granite garden bed. This showcases a variety of flora, while also adding to the altering heights of planting along the boundary. Green lawn either side of the deck creates open space for the children to enjoy and softens the granite walls.

Square steps lead down to a cleverly concealed outside shower. With the granite walls and subterranean element, it feels perfectly private. An aspiration for anyone living by the coast to wash away the salt and sand!