Banks Avenue, Dunsborough

Set just one street from Geographe Bay, this expansive corner block featured a mature Peppermint tree and space to get creative. The brief for this down south getaway was to create a relaxed garden space, where the clients could feel connected with nature, so we brought it to their doorstep.

The hardscaping was vital in connecting the inside to the outside. Off the large alfresco, we constructed a secondary conversation area. This features a fire bowl with tree rounds for seats, where many hours of entertaining will be enjoyed with family and friends. The recycled brick paving really distinguishes this area, helping to create a sense of separation from the house. Vertical jarrah sleepers further help to create intimacy by sheltering it and filtering the view.

Banks Avenue, Dunsborough

Jarrah sleepers have been creatively used in multiple other ways throughout the rest of the garden. At the front of the house they are arranged vertically in various steps, creating instant interest and a backdrop for planting. Through the compacted gravel they are laid horizontally, playfully breaking up the pathways. There are also sleepers set at an angle with a water bowl balanced on top, encouraging birdlife in the garden.

With a young family and small dog, a lawn space where they could play and laze around was essential. An irrigated, curved palmetto Buffalo lawn extends across the corner of the garden from the house to the curb. This is buffered by gently undulating garden beds. The farm style fence was designed and constructed to complement the house, without separating it from the street. Practically, it creates peace of mind for the family.

Corten steel edging keeps the grass, mulch and gravel separate. It defines the edges practically but subtly, fitting into the natural pallet of materials and colours. This will allow for more time to be spent relaxing in and enjoying the garden now and into the future, as it matures.